an agnaktor


19 ft.


1 ton.


teeth,claws,heat beam

agnaktor resides in the Volcanic Region. Its body shape is relatively unique, although there are a lot of similarities to Lagiacrus. It is noted for its remarkable ability to swim through lava and tunnel through solid volcanic rock. Its fighting style is the almost the same as a Lagiacrus when on land. It can charge at a hunter, swim straight through solid rock in order to smash into them and produce a powerful orange beam, highly reminiscent of the one produced by Gravios . It has a younger form called Uroktor .

While fighting above ground, the lava on Agnaktor's skin will cool off and become hardened rock, causing weapon strikes to bounce. The head and chest alone remain soft enough to strike, though even these parts will harden if enough time has elapsed. Its body will become soft again as soon as any part of it touches lava. This means using a pitfall trap will get its body soft again. The lava armor can be broken off of any part of Agnaktor's body with enough damage, allowing a hunter to attack Agnaktor regardless of whether it has come into contact with lava or not. It seems that it needs to create a spark by clacking its teeth in order to start a flame. This produces a very noticeable warning before the fire beam. This beam also makes the chest and head soft enough to strike again, as if Agnaktor had burrowed into the lava