air soldier
Air soldier
an air soldier


3 ft.


30 lbs.



The Air Soldier is an Emblem Heartless

A cousin of the Soldier , bearing the same shadowed face and jagged visage, the dark-skinned Air Soldier is kitted out for aerial battle in an modified aviator cap that covers the upper half of the face and boasts a pair of shiny-rimmed goggles; the propeller on the top of the cap presumably assists it in hovering in battle, though its bat-like wings seem to do most of the flying work. The Air Soldier also wears thick black pants with an inverted brown Heartless-symbol silhouette at the knees and bulky brown boots with blue and gold toes. It fights with black elbow-length gloves featuring metal bands at the top and sharp red claws that allow for painful attacks. The Air Soldier's name highlights its ability to fly, and could also be a reference to soldiers serving the Air Force.

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