an ampilus


10 ft.


300 lbs.



They are large arthropod creatures that have inhabited Lanayru Desert for aeons. Ampilus can internally generate electricity which they use against enemies by rolling into them. When they crash into walls or objects  however, they will become dizzy, giving you an opening to attack. Additionally, Bombs are effective against Ampilus. Defeated Ampilus' shells can be used as platforms when crossing sinksand, but the shells do disintegrate after a certain period of time. It is possible to attack them immediately if approached stealthily or stunned from afar with a ranged weapon. If lured outside their individual territories, they will burrow into the sand and return to their starting positions. Their electricity renders  Iron defenses useless; bashing with them will result in you being shocked and tackled by the creature's rolling.The Ampilus encountered are seemingly hundreds of years old. When under the effects of a Timeshift Stone's field, they revert to small indestructible rock-like eggs, which periodically crack open to reveal the creature's eyes, then close up as the creature lets off a defensive electric field. These larval forms seem to be a common source of energy, as they are required to power  gates blocking  generators . Due to their periodical electric field, carrying them by hand is not advisable. They can be picked up and carried safely to the generators gate locks using any form of long range grappling tools, or even used offensively as their electric field distracts the Technoblins often found in the same areas as Timeshift Stones.

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