an arachnoid


6 ft.


270 lbs.



Arachnoids are essentially scorpions with human torsos where their head should be. The human part of the creature has a human hand for a right arm and a pincer on its left arm. They have a very violent culture in which struggles for dominance frequently take place. An Arachnoid's age can be measured by it's exoskeleton color; young Arachnoids have a yellow exoskeleon, while adult Arachnoids have red exoskeletons. It appears that Mental has tampered with their genes, as Arachnoid legends state that a god came from the heavens and gave them a five-fingered right arm and told them to fight off any race it declares is an enemy.

Arachnoids come in two variants; Juvenile and Adult. Juveniles have yellow skin, while Adults have red skin, are larger, have more health and fire twice in volleys twice as long compared to the Juvenile

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