an aruserutasu


18 ft.


1,000 lbs.


forelimbs,green globs

Aruserutasu is a large, mantis like insectoid with a brightly-colored, highly resistant exoskeleton, which is covered in spines and knobs. He has six legs, the foremost pair are armored and weaponized for combat, and a pair of collapsible wings. His head is hidden beneath a large, armored canopy that extends far beyond the rest of his upper body. He has a pair of compound eyes and powerful slicing mandibles. Aruserutasu is the male counterpart to the Generu Serutasu.Aruserutasu is capable of highly precise movement in air, thanks to his highly-developed wings. His forelimbs are designed for jabbing and slashing, and will also spear his prey with its armored canopy. His compound eyes provide him with an extremely wide field of vision.It can also shoot three green globs.Aruserutasu is predatory in nature, both large and powerful enough to prey on both hunters and small monsters alike. He is known to attack from the skies and use his weaponized forelimbs to attack. In addition, he is commonly known to attach himself to his massive female partner and transport her with his powerful wings. When he is forced to merged with Generu Serutasu, at first, he will struggle in desperation to escape. But when the merge has been complete, it will fight alongside Generu Serutasu without question, vigorous even, as if hypnotized. It won't even fight back when being eaten by its mate, thus saying that Generu Serutasu has full control of Aruserutasu.

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