aura lion
Aura lion
an aura lion


5 ft.


300 lbs.



The Aura Lion is, as its name implies, a leonine creature. It has a relatively lean body structure and a long tail that ends in a segmented tip. It has three large, curved claws on each of its four paws and two flat spikes on the outward sides of each of its legs. The Aura Lion's most striking feature is its large, stiff mane, which surrounds its entire head and trails onto its upper back. It has four short, sharp fangs in its mouth, a flat snout, and tall ears that point forward. Its triangular eyes are heavily outlined in black and feature odd markings resembling a stylized Eye of Horus. Its forelegs are decorated by spirals and ring shapes, while its hindquarters are spotted with large, solid circles.

The Spirit version of the Aura Lion has a predominantly orange body. Its underbelly is a very light tan color and the spirals and circles marking its legs are cyan. Its tail is cyan toward its base, but shifts to light green toward its tip. The segments on its tail are yellow with light green lining, as are the spikes on the Dream Eater's legs. Its paws are purple and its claws are red-orange. The Aura Lion's face is orange, though the tips of its mouth are tan. The bridge of its nose is blue, while is actual nose is light green. Its ears are dark blue at their bases and gradually lighten to cyan at their tips. Its mane is multicolored, appearing orange near the Aura Lion's face and shifting to red, purple, blue, and finally cyan at its tips. Its eyes are orange and the Spirit Dream Eater emblem is emblazoned on its mane, specifically, on the section of the mane that falls over the Dream Eater's chest.

The Nightmare Aura Lion has a grey-blue body with orange markings. Its paws and the base of its tail are pink, thought the tip of its tail is orange. The segments on its tail are violet with cyan lining, as are the spikes on its legs. The Aura Lion's mane is predominantly electric blue, but it fades from dark blue to pink toward its tips. It has a grey-blue face, though its lower jaw is electric blue, like its mane. Its nose is cyan, the bridge of its nose is pink, and its ears are pink at their bases, but shift to orange toward their tips. The Dream Eater's claws are yellow and its eyes are red. The Nightmare Dream Eater emblem is located on the section of the Aura Lion's mane that covers its chest.

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