baba serpent
Baba serpent
a baba serpent


5 ft.


130 lbs.



They are predatory plant-beings that inhabit certain areas of Hyrule. Closely related to Deku Babas, they are much more vicious and resilient, shutting their jaws on their prey even when removed from their roots. When detached from their roots, Baba Serpents can scoot around and attack.They will also occasionally hang down from ceilings. In this case, they must be hit with a long range weapon.Baba Serpents have the ability to reattach to their roots if you get too far away from them or wait too long, provided their roots are on the ground and not on the ceiling. This ability to survive detachment is shared with its cousin, the Bio Deku Baba.The Twilit Baba is the twilit counterpart of the Baba Serpent, as, unlike regular Deku Babas, Twilit Babas have the ability to continue attacking even after their stems are cut.

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