a barroth


8 ft.


300 lbs.



 The Barroth is a monster that is a part of the Brute Wyvern class. It will occasionally roll in dirt and mud, possibly to cool off from the hot desert sun.

When it awakens from its subterranean slumber it will shake off all of the excess mud and dirt that gathers on its back, and if a hunter is close enough to it, the excess earth that flies off will become attached to the hunter and quickly dry due to the desert heat, causing the new status effect called "Muddy". This slows down the hunters movements and disables their use of items for a short period of time, making them an easy target for the Barroth to charge at.

When hit by mud, hunters also experience Waterblight, which make stamina recover slower, but stamina is not lost by sprinting. After the Barroth has shaken off most of its mud, it will roll around in muddy water to collect more.

A Barroth frequently charges down pillars where Altaroth make their nests and then feeds on the ants that dwell within. It also regains stamina from eating at small mounds. When the Barroth throws its head in the ground to charge a hunter, it will turn to face the hunter, making it difficult to avoid. When low on stamina, Barroth will charge slower than usual.

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