a baruragaru


12 ft.


1 ton.



Baruragaru shares similarities to other Leviathans, notably the long body frame; however, its limbs seem more developed for terrestial environments. It uses a long probiscus-like tongue to extract body fluids from its prey.When extracting fluids from its prey, Baruragaru is capable of temporarily gaining certain attributes from it. It will be able to use Poison based attacks if it drains an Iodrome , Paralysis based attacks if it drains a Gendrome , and blood based attacks if it drains a Velocidrome or Hunter. If considerable time has passed with Baruragaru preying on a creature, it will revert to using water-based attacks.This Leviathan is also able to burrow through thick mud, and use its tongue like a flail.Aggressive and predatory in nature, it will attack anything it sees as prey or a potential threat.The preferred habitat appears to be dark caverns with sources of water, like those found in the Swamp and Jungle. It can also be found in the few watery areas in the Desert.

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