a battleship


20 ft.


2 tons



Battleships are large galleon-like Heartless that fly in the air via propeller. What looks to be a Heartless captain on it is actually its head and top half of its body. One of the most complicated Heartless, Battleships seem to be composed of two main parts. At the wheel of the ship is a Heartless captain, blue in color and wearing an eyepatch, black pirate hat with a skull on the headband, white gloves, and a blue admiral's jacket with red and gold trim. The ship itself is a bit more ornate; while made of what appears to be ordinary wood, it is decorated in bright pink and purple and features a prow covered in horns, a skull figurehead, and a cannon with a sharp spike as ammo at the very front. On the left hand side, just behind the prow, is the ship's spiky anchor. Two smaller cannons sit on either side of the ship further back. Although the ship appears to be powered by wind, as seen from the black sails, giant propeller on the mast, and two smaller propellers on the stern, the ship also has two grey oars jutting from the sides.

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