beheaded firecracker
Beheaded firecracker
a beheaded firecracker


5 ft.


170 lbs.


magic missile launcher,chainsaw

The Beheaded Firecracker appears as a headless, red t-shirt-wearing man.The Firecracker is made from an executed Sirian soldier raised from the dead with a “Life Control Unit”. Firecrackers are equipped with a magic missile launcher on their right and and hold their head on the left, which is used to obtain visual and sound data.Firecrackers fire a spread of magic missiles that will spread from the Firecracker, hit the ground and quickly follow the ground until they hit something. These missiles can slide along walls if they hit it in a low angle. Firecrackers are immune to attacks of other Firecrackers. the Firecracker will use its chainsaw if you get too close to it.

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