beheaded kamikaze
Beheaded kamikaze
a beheaded kamikaze


5 ft.


180 lbs.



They are a favorite weapon in Mental's army due to the unnatural suicidal behavior programmed into their LCUs. In combination with the scream produced by the LCU's basic vocal synthesizer, this both confuses and instills fear in the enemy. However, the LCU has limited AI and usually cannot discern obstacles, only some cliff faces or sheer drops, leading to them getting stuck regularly or entering friendly fire.Created from executed Sirian soldiers who are brought back from the dead with the powerful LCU (Life Control Unit) technology, the Kamikaze is an undead Sirian, having being beheaded by Mental and an LCU unit attached. The LCU is programmed to allow full control of a host's nervous system in response to preprogrammed orders or on the fly commands. With two very basic, but powerful fragmentation bombs attached to each hand designed to explode within a certain distance from their target.Kamikaze have but one purpose:

They will run directly at you, regardless of distance or location until they are dead. When within an approximate radius of 2-3 feet, they will detonate. When they are killed, they will also detonate.

Kamikaze are very fast and almost always appear in groups. While extremely weak compared to bigger, tougher enemies, their attack can leave any target in devastation

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