beheaded rocketeer
Beheaded rocketeer
a beheaded rocketeer


5 ft.


160 lbs.


magic missile launcher,chainsaw

The Beheaded Rocketeer appears as a headless, purple t-shirt-wearing man holding a gun and a head.

The Rocketeer is an executed Sirian soldier raised from the dead by Mental, and controlled with a “Life Control Unit”. Rocketeers are equipped with a magic missile launcher on their right and and hold their head on the left, which is used to obtain visual and sound data.  the Rocketeer has a saw on his neck -used for melee combat- , holds his gun with his left hand and his head with his right.Beheaded Rocketeers usually appear in small to mid-sized groups.The Rocketeer fires a magical missile that does minimal damage ,and takes time to get to its target, making them easy to dodge,They are essentially cannon-fodder

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