black gravios
Black gravios
a black gravios


17 ft.


1 ton.


claws,teeth,fire breath

Black Gravios are the tougher subspecies of the Gravios . Black Gravios are accustomed to using their beam attacks more often than their grey counterparts. They also only rarely use the sleeping gas that normal Gravios use; they usually only emit explosive red gas. They have a heavier shell than the normal Gravios, which gives hunters more trouble getting through their hide with weapons. Just like the Gravios, their stomach can be broken twice, allowing hunters to cut through without bouncing off.

 Black Gravios are quite daunting in relation to the size of hunters compared to normal Gravios so do take note of the tail and charging attacks. They will cover a larger area than their normal species.  An interesting fact about it and many other subspecies (in particular White Monoblos , Red Khezu , Green Plesioth and Black Diablos ) is the increased intolerance against poison. With Black Gravios it goes so far that a Poison weapon might sometimes be the best choice, as it deals huge damage without need to penetrate the thick shell.  As with most Wyverns, its tail can be cut off, reaping up to two carves, like the Monoblos .