a blangonga


7 ft.


80 lbs.


blizzard breath,arms

The Blangonga is a Pelagus class monster that inhabits the Snowy Mountains. As the alpha-male of the pack, the Blangonga is twice as large as the average Blango with a much more aggressive appearance. Its strong, muscled limbs allow it to run and leap at a startling speed, and its powerful roar can catch hunters unawares without adequate hearing protection. By calling out to its pack, the Blangonga can summon Blangos to fight beside it in battle. Its deadly speed can bewilder the novice hunter, as they can perform a dive that can send them rolling into their foes and deal out massive damage. Blangongas can break ice at their feet and hurl it at hunters, or break it into ice shrapnel that can send foes flying

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