blue rathalos
Blue rathalos
a blue rathalos


18 ft.


1 ton.


teeth,wings,claws,tail,fire breath

 Azure Rathalos, also known as Blue Rathalos, is a subspecies of Rathalos whose shell has a bluish green color, and has higher stamina, as well as being more aggressive. Azure Rathalos is most commonly encountered in the Forest & Hills - however, it can also be found in the Volcanic Areas.

Azure Rathalos' Scales and Shells can be used to make a substantially more powerful version of Rathalos armor, although they both exhibit the same weaknesses to Dragon. The various armor sets made from Azure Rathalos materials are highly prized and valued.

Its wings are more difficult to damage than the other Rathalos color variants; however, like Rathalos, its head is its most vulnerable area, and will take more damage regardless of weapon type. Also, its charge has improved homing capabilities, and it hovers in the air to attack more than the normal Rathalos. It also has a tendency to stop and turn after a charge, unlike the normal Rathalos. As such diving is not recommended to dodge his charge as he may do it a second time.

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