the bogeyman


8 ft.


230 lbs.



The Bogeyman appears as a massive humanoid, towering over every other humanoid . His huge frame is housed in a heavy black raincoat, with his face completely obscured by a gas mask, which is reminiscent of toxic radiation suits. He also wears heavy rubber boots and thick rubber gloves. The Bogeyman's coat has several chains, studs, and stitches adorning it. Interestingly, he doesn't have any immediately recognizable deformities or torture implements in his appearance—at least none that can be seen with his obscuring coat. The Bogeyman's signature weapon is a massive sledgehammer, which appears to be made from a cinder block at the end of a long metal pipe.The Bogeyman's behavior is that of pure menace, plodding around with his massive hammer and intimidating stature. His movements are slow and deliberate, yet always conveying a kind of ruthless brutality. He is also shown to be a relentless murderer, going so far as to snap a child's neck with one hand, while making a "hush" gesture .The Bogeyman's raw strength is also impressive, able to lift a grown man with one hand and fling him across the room. This strength is even more dangerous with his sledgehammer in hand, as he is able to outright kill even the toughest monsters with one slow, but mighty swing. He is also able to send out strangely accurate shockwaves that travel great distances, as well as destroy surrounding architecture.

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