bolt tower
Bolt tower
a bolt tower


6 ft.


120 lbs.


lightning bolts

A Bolt Tower has a spherical black head with glowing yellow eyes. Its head is placed near the base of a tall, cylindrical structure that surrounds it. This apparatus is predominantly red with yellow and lavender patterns decorating its edges. Four large, conical, yellow spikes are set in its base, and three smaller, silver ones adorning its top. It also has a curled, brown antenna on its top, similar to the tip of the Yellow Opera's hat. Its Heartless emblem is on the front of the structure, above the Heartless's head.

In The Land of Dragons, the Bolt Tower's color scheme changes greatly. Its body becomes primarily grey with gold sections and red highlights at its top and bottom. The spikes at its base become grey, while the ones at its top turn red. Its antenna becomes a lighter shade of brown, closer to grey. The Bolt Tower's Heartless emblem is now surrounded by large gold diamond with concave, red edges. This diamond is superimposed over a series of rectangular patterns with the same color scheme. The overall design is meant to reflect ancient Chinese architecture.

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