a bouncywild


4 ft.


70 lbs.


slingshot,energy sphere

They have soft brown fur, which they wear a darker brown shirt with jagged edges and the Heartless Emblem over. Bouncywilds also wear a gold choker and hoop earrings, a bright red bow on top of their head, and blue, yellow, and green bracelets and anklets. Their paws are a dark, velvety-brown, and they also have a tail almost as long as they are tall. In spite of their initially cute appearance, the Bouncywild is still a dangerous Heartless, as signified by its shadowed face, yellow eyes, and toothed edges where the face meets the fur.

The former part of the Bouncywild's name highlights its quick, jumpy movements and attacks. Other Heartless of its family share the latter part of the name, signifying that they are of the same species. It could also be referring to the Heartless's wild, monkey-like appearance

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