a bracchidios


20 ft.


1 ton.


fists,green liquid

Bracchidios is a monster that has a purple armored hide, long arms with glowing fists, and a large horn protruding from the top of its head.

Belonging to the Brute Wyvern family, it lives in the harsh environment of the Volcano. It attacks by swiping its powerful arms at hunters and slamming the ground with its fists, creating green jelly-like puddles. The puddles gradually turn to a red hue before exploding and appear to have sticky properties. It is also capable of smashing its horn directly at the ground, creating an explosion that covers a large area in front of it. Unlike most Brute Wyvern, Bracchidios is capable of leaping fair distances.

Its arms turn yellow when enraged, leading to the puddles that he creates also exploding faster from the increased body heat.

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