bubble head nurse
Bubble head nurse
a bubble head nurse


5 ft


130 lbs



They wear provocative attire, exposing cleavage and sporting miniskirts. Their heads face downward, appearing swollen and bloodied and covered in gauze, convulsing violently as they wobble toward you. Their only visible facial feature are their bloody, exposed jaws and teeth. The nurses move in an awkward manner, their legs carrying them in a shaky and crooked fashion, making them out to be slow opponents, yet they are surprisingly fast on the attack. While the nurses in the fog world take on a pale white tone, most of the nurses in the Otherworld have an orangish-brown tone of color. These darker nurses lack the bloody mouths; instead having what looks like a transparent film over the nose and mouth. They also have thin black spines coming out of the head and parasites on their backs, similar to the puppet nurses

They emit shrieks and gurgles when approaching. These monsters carry their own melee weapons, usually pipes. They are fairly aggressive and will surround you if you encounter more than one in an area. However, if they come in close contact with one another and decide to attack, chances are they'll knock out one of their own close by

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