chef kyroo
Chef kyroo
a chef kyroo


3 ft.


120 lbs.



The Chef Kyroo is a frog-like creature with a large, rotund body and head, but thin and stubby limbs. It has very large, circular eyes, small, mitten-like hands, and wide, flat feet. Each of its feet have three large toes that end in circular bumps. The Chef Kyroo wears an apron over its belly, held on by four straps and small shoulder pads, and a tall toque on the top of its head. It also carries a frying pan in its left hand, using it as a weapon, and a small, circular pot lid in its left hand, which it uses as a shield.

The Spirit version of the Chef Kyroo has primarily orange skin, though its belly is light tan. Its hands and feet are white, while its fingers and toes are pale blue. Its apron is a faded sea green color near its top, but shifts to a faded pink color near its bottom. Its toque is similarly colored, with a sea green base and a faded pink top. The apron's straps are yellow and attached to the apron by circular, red and orange buttons. Its shoulder pads are white with thick blue outlines. Its back and nose are decorated by magenta circle patterns. The Chef Kyroo's frying pan is a metallic grey with a multicolored handle; the handle has a sea green base, a pale pink center, and a brown top. There is a gold ring at the base of the handle, which acts as a pommel and a thick, silver ring near the middle of the handle, which acts like a sword's crossguard. TheDream Eater's "shield" is silver with a gold rim and handle. The Chef Kyroo's eyes change color depending on its disposition but are heavily outlined in black and have oddly shaped pupils that divide the eyes into three equal segments. The Spirit Dream Eater symbol is located on the front of the Chef Kyroo's apron.

The Nightmare version of the Chef Kyroo has dark purple skin with cyan markings on its back. Its belly, hands, and legs are reddish-pink, while its fingers and toes are yellow-orange. Its apron is dark green near its top and fades into a dark blue-green color. Its toque has a dark blue-green base and a dark green top. The apron has yellow straps, attached by light green and cyan buttons. Its eyes are completely red and heavily outlined in black. The Chef Kyroo's shoulder pads are pink with lime green edges. Its frying pan is a metallic, dark purple color with a silver "pommel" and "crossguard". The pan's handle is orange and reddish-pink. The Dream Eater's lid is a metallic shade of dark purple with a silver rim and lid. The Nightmare Dream Eater logo is emblazoned on the front of the Chef Kyroo's apron.

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