chimera (heartless)
a chimera (heartless


11 ft.


210 lbs.



The Chimaera is a peculiar creature that seems to be made of various random materials. Its torso, which bears its large Heartless emblem, is made of strips of gray and light gray metal. Its hips, which are connected to the torso by a thin, red, chain-like piece, are very small, and are made of the same material as the torso. Its legs are very thin and have the same material as the torso, and its feet are two small jars filled with a murky, green liquid. Its left arm is very large, almost reaches the floor, is made of the same material as its torso, and ends in a metal, four-fingered hand.

The Chimera's right arm is shorter and is comprised of bellows-style segments alternating color from pale yellow to light blue. Its hand is an odd, red contraption with yellow joints that ends in a large, silver, pincer-like appendage. Its head is a massive jar filled with the same murky, green liquid as the feet along with three spherical heads. One head is orange and resembles a smiling jack o' lantern, the second is white and seems to be frowning, and the third is pale blue with angular, spiral eyes. Around its neck, the Chimera wears a black collar with red spikes.

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