a chimera(1998)


5 ft.


120 lbs.



Chimera were B.O.W.s created by inserting fly DNA and the t-virus into human tissue. They were being manufactured inside the Arklay Laboratory located under the mansion and adopted that section of the facility as their habitat during the Mansion incident. Aside from their fly-like appearance, the Chimera's most notable characteristics is their ability to walk over walls and ceilings. They usually use the air ducts to travel from one part of the lab to the other and attack with their claw-like limbs. When killed, a chemical imbalance in their bodies causes them to dissolve.

The Chimera was the only other artificially produced B.O.W., besides the Hunter and Tyrant , that was made through genetic manipulation. They cannot fly because of the lack of size of their wings, and they lacked a fully developed exoskeleton. Even though they showed signs of notable resilience, their intelligence was little more than that of an insect. Their bodies also hosted a large number of maggots. Due to their many flaws, further research into more advanced forms was never conducted, and the Chimera's basic form was never refined to the lengths of the Hunter or the Tyrant. Still, Umbrella continued at least limited production of Chimeras in other facilities for a number of years, as several were discovered during Chris & Jill's raid on their Russian HQ.

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