chinese fireball
Chinese fireball
a Chinese fireball


10 ft.


2 tons.


claws,teeth,fire breath

The Chinese Fireball, also known as the Liondragon, is a dragon native to China. The Fireball is scarlet and smooth scaled with a fringe of golden spikes around its face. The Fireball's snout is slightly short ending with hooked beak on the top jaw. Its name is derived from the mushroom-shaped flame that is emitted through its nostrils when angered, along with the large mushroom shaped flame it shoots from his mouth. The Chinese Fireball breed of dragons generally yield females that are larger than males. Chinese Fireballs are also mentioned to be very fast and clever, at least for a dragon. The eggs of the Chinese Fireball are crimson, speckled with gold, and the shells are prized by Chinese Wizards. Its diet consists of most mammals, usually prefering pigs and deer.

Unlike other dragons, the Fireball is more tolerant of its own kind, and will sometimes consent to sharing its territory with two other dragons.

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