A Creeper


4 ft.


130 lbs.


Self Destruct

They are tall and green and are always frowning. They have four stuby legs and arms. Unlike the Skeleton and Zombie the creeper survives in sunlight, like the spider. But unlike the spider the creeper does not become docile during the day. They're only attack is to explode when close enough to you and injure or kill and destroy the surroundings. They always emit a hissing noise like "SSSSSS" before they explode. Many a house has been blown to bits by these evil creatures. The creeper is a handless humanoid creature with four short legs hanging off edges of its body, large empty eye sockets, a mouth twisted into a sad expression and a greenish skin with some gray spots. when people have found the remains of a creepers flesh it is said to feel crunchy, like dry leaves.also the creeper has been observed to swell when it is about to detonate,if it is about to explode and it's prey is not in range it will decrease in size and chase after it again.

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