a creeper(nobody)


5 ft.


140 lbs.



A Creeper seems to dress in a baggy, light grey jumpsuit with dark grey legs. Its lower legs fan outward like the lower half of the Nobody symbol, and its feet are nearly featureless, black points. Its arms are very long, light grey, and its hands are flat and teardrop-shaped. The back of each hand sports a white Nobody logo. The Creeper's grey head also has a teardrop shape, albeit one that curves to its right. The Nobody's feet dangle uselessly, while it uses its wide, flat hands to move. Like all Nobodies, Creepers maintain an astounding ability to contort themselves. The Creeper also displays the ability to shape shift, turning into a large lance similar to the ones used by the Dragoons , a large sword, and a small, hexagonal shield. It can also turn its arms into small wings. Creepers appear in a different manner than most Nobodies; they sometimes seemingly appear from nowhere, as opposed to the distinctive, thorny portals most Nobodies come from

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