cyber yog
Cyber yog
a cyber yog


5 ft.


500 lbs.



The Cyber Yog is a goat-like Dream Eater whose horns are designed to resemble cybernetic antlers. Its tail is blocky, and it lacks a mane. A Spirit Cyber Yog's body is magenta, but can change color using Paint Guns, with yellow stripes. It's hair and hooves are light blue in color, and the tips of its horns are dark blue. Its Nightmare counterpart is colored dark blue with red stripes.

The "Cyber" in its name refers to its cybernetic aesthetic, while "Yog" is an alternate romanization of 山羊 (Yagi, lit. "Goat"), after which its body is designed. Each of its dispositions are named after one of Santa Claus's reindeer, a reference to its antlers, which are strikingly similar to that of a reindeer.

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