a dancer


5 ft.


120 lbs.



Notably more brightly colored and feminine in appearance than other Nobodies , Dancers wear pink bell-bottom pants with a white Nobody symbol printed on one leg. They also have pink beanie-like hats on that cover where their eyes would be, with a long, pink, braid-like growth sprouting from under the caps. Dancers also seem to wear dark, heeled boots with toes that point up at sharp right angles, as well as dark bracelets on each wrist, both with a small spike on them. They also have dark armor, resembling the top of the Nobody symbol, that cover their chests. This armor is worn somewhat like a halter top gown, as it exposes the Dancers' shoulders and terminates in a collar. Their hands lack fingers and their mouths look to have been sewn on into a permanent, eerie grin. Dancers move quite gracefully, gliding across the ground while their feet glow pink.

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