Dark One
Dark one
a dark one


8 ft.


350 lb.



The Чёрные (Blacks), known by English speakers as "Dark Ones", are a race of highly intelligent humanoids that were the next stage in human evolution, created after the 2013 nuclear disaster that killed the majority of the human race and forced the survivors to live underground. They were nearly annihilated in the year 2033 when their home in the Moscow Botanical Gardens was destroyed to by a tunnel dweller by the name of Artyom to protect the Moscow Metro, believed to be humanity's last refuge. However, members of the species, which turned out to be peaceful, lived on, and have since assisted a faction of humans to defend the hidden D-6 Metro, widely recognized as the ultimate weapons stockpile in the Moscow Metro.


Dark Ones, being descended from humans, have a basic humanoid form, unlike most mutants in post-apocalyptic Moscow. They have long, thin arms and legs, and large hands with long fingers. They possess no facial features besides a pair of eyes, relying instead on telepathy to communicate. Their skin is a dark ash-grey colour, like most other mutants.

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