a defender


7 ft.


150 lbs.



One of the Hollow Bastion Heartless , the Defender is essentially a Goofy-themed enemy and counterpart to the Wizard . Defenders have two minds; the Defender's shield has a mind of its own. Though Defenders do not do much themselves, their shields use Fire and Blizzard magic, block attacks, and bite approaching targets.

The Defenders themselves are rather simple in design, resembling a knight clad in purple and blue armor with white trim and yellow buttons; they also have the tell-tale Heartless zig-zag jawline, with a purple head and a silver jaw. The arms and torso are also proportioned much larger than the head and legs; the arm not holding the Defender's main weapon actually rests ape-like on the ground.

In battle, the portion of a Defender that tends to be seen most is the massive and fearsome shield. The barrier portion of the shield is a simple blue and light blue pattern with gold trim, but far more prominent is the very large and very dangerous blue-black dog head, complete with sharp fangs and spiked collar. The dog also has three glowing yellow eyes arranged in a triangle formation, a feature they oddly share with the far more delicate-looking but equally dangerous Angel Stars .

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