a dyuragaua


14 ft.


1 ton


claws,teeth,ice tornadoes

Dyuragaua is an ice-element Pseudowyvern .The Dyuragaua was discovered making a nest in the Old Tower ruins, suggesting it may have avoided human contact for a long time. It is only because of the recent discovery of its Nest Hole that Dyuragaua was forced out of hiding.

Dyuragaua has the typical body structure of a "Pseudowyvern". When enraged, Dyuragaua's tail, arms, and face will be clad in ice. Sharp icy spikes will also protrude out of its tail. When it attacks in rage mode. It can do a flip attack which smashes its tail into the ground, causing a shockwave of Sleep. The tail cannot be cut, but the spikes on it can be broken (only in rage).

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