Dog (Tuurngait infected)
an infected dog


3 ft.


180 lbs.



Tuurngait-infected Dogs are normal dogs that have been infected via close proximity to the Tuurngait, a member of an unknown alien species trapped in a science facility underneath Greenland, turning them into feral, zombie-like creatures. Like normal dogs, they are faster then the average human, but can be distracted with food if they have not found any yet. Some dogs possess an ability similar to the Majini, allowing them to split their head into a gaping maw. Whilst the breeds vary for the infected dogs, they are generally of breeds used by armed forces, such as police and the military, for various uses, most likely to help defend the facility from intruders before their transformation. Unlike humans infected by the Tuurngait, the only noticeable transformations in these creatures is their head, for reasons stated above, and their eyes, which are now devoid of pupil and iris, leaving them a milky-white orb.

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