a doll


6 ft.


100 lbs.



It attacks by spawning Shadows, translucent silhouettes of the original monster that are capable of movement.Dolls are nearly stationary monsters, often seen posing like department store mannequins. They are humanoid, resembling a slim woman with pale skin that has a plasticine sheen to it. Dolls are dressed provocatively in a short, dark dress with a bright red or pink bra underneath. Some are completely naked except for red liquid splashed across their bodies. They have platinum blonde or silver hair that is cut in a modern style. Some Dolls are missing most of their faces, with a large cavity suggesting that their nose, mouth, and jaw have been smashed off. Others have expressions indicative of sex toys.They seem to be made of plaster or ceramics, as they will crumble slightly when struck. However, once incapacitated, Dolls move more organically when struck on the ground.The Shadows of the Doll are perfect silhouettes of the Doll itself, but they are nearly impossible to see. They move in a lunging fashion. Occasionally when illuminated they will be outlined faintly in white. It can be noted that the Shadows are slightly easier to see when not looked at directly. Dolls and their shadows also frequently let out soft, wheezing cackles and giggles.Dolls can be rather manipulative, and may try to trick you into coming closer by letting out loud, sobbing cries from a distance; however, once you are close enough to be attacked, the Doll will laugh menacingly and spawn Shadows.Dolls have a rather limited mobility, often remaining totally still, but the Shadows they spawn are fast, aggressive and nearly invisible.the shadows can be seen with UV light though.Depending on the situation, you may wish to attack a Doll directly. Attacking the Doll until she is incapacitated will cause any spawned Shadows to collapse and lie still. Alternatively, you can focus entirely on the incoming Shadows. Block a Shadow's strike, then counter with an attack. Each time you defeat a Shadow, its Doll takes damage. If you defeat the Doll then her Shadow simply vanishes.Although rarely done, the Dolls are also able to teleport

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