double head
Double head
a double head


4 ft.


70 lbs.



The Double Head is a canine monster that usually appears in groups of two or four and attack you n sight. Their namesake feature refers to the fact that from the jawline, their heads are split vertically down the middle, with their tongue often hanging lazily between the split halves. They are "bandaged" in bloody strips of flesh and appear to be horribly burned., their split skulls are meant to evoke Cerberus and to indicate that you are entering a nightmarish world. They parallel the Groaners.

They often roam in packs and are easily distracted by corpses , which they immediately start devouring once found and will often ignore you even if you run past them. They also tend to howl whenever alerted by your presence, which calls other Double Heads to the area. However, when on the attack, they move quite quickly and attack by either lunging at you or gnawing at your legs. The fact that they often attack in packs and show up in numerous locations make them a constant threat to your safety, but a lesser one. They can be distracted with Beef Jerky.

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