a dragon


20 ft.


20 tons.


claws,teeth,wings,elemental breath

A Dragon is a commonly known creature and is present in many fairy tales. In European accounts, they have scaled bodies, large wings, and can breathe fire, as well as razor-sharp fangs longer and more deadly than swords. In most Asian accounts, the dragons tend to be longer and thinner, with no limbs/very short limbs, and in some accounts they float, but still have all the abilities of the European dragons. The dragon is a key part in many national and international celebrations, especially in China, the place in which the idea of the dragon is thought to have first appeared. For people who are interested in their lifestyles, dragons are extremely territorial. They require land of at least a few hundred acres each, and will still cross the boundaries in search of prey. The male dragons are very consistent in their behavior, always staking and re-staking

Their territory. The females, on the other hand, are quite docile, until they lay their eggs (they take any where from a day to a thousand years to hatch), upon which time they will flame anything that comes within a hundred feet of the nest (this is how far the average fireball stretches). Dragons are well known for their ability of breathing fire. While some perform this using a type of "venom sac" in their mouth and lighting the venom, others simply create fire within them and exhale it. They are one of the most popular and powerful monsters known. They are sometimes depicted as guardians of people, while others are villains who attack people, kidnap royalty, and guard treasure. Some villains in mythology are known to take the form of dragons.

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