drain deimos
Drain deimos
a drain deimos


4 ft.


120 lbs.



The Drain Deimos are mutant fleas that were infected by eating the flesh of infected animals. Like many arthropods, the fleas responded to the virus by increasing in size and strength considerably.

Their appearance is particularly grotesque as their Exoskeletons are torn in places and their muscles are exposed, due to their quick and rapid T-Virus induced growth. They are accidental creatures, and were not created as B.O.W.s.

They can scale walls and attack by slashing at or grabbing and biting their prey. Although not as fast as some enemies, this monster can rise up on it's rear legs and 'run' at you. If you cannot escape, it will grab the you and plunge it's jaw into your skull in order to extract the cerebra-spinal fluid, which seems to be a favoured food. The Deimos can also use it's powerful back legs to leap around it's preferred hunting grounds, in order to close the distance between itself and the player or to prevent an escape. These monsters prefer places that are dark and damp, frequently lurking in back alleys and old buildings. There is also a lesser seen, poisonous cousin to this creature, called the Brain Sucker .

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