drill sye
Drill sye
a drill sye


8 ft.


1 ton.



The Drill Sye resembles a large Indian rhinoceros, and as both that fact and its name would imply, it has one very large drill-like horn which it uses to charge . Its Spirit form is colored in various shades of purple, green, pink, yellow, and orange, and also has a pale yellow face and slit yellow-orange eyes. It has the Spirit version of the Dream Eater emblem on its forehead. In addition to a horn, it also sports four small spike-like drills, two on both the left and right side of its body.

The Nightmare variation of the Drill Sye has a dark face with the Nightmare version of the Dream Eater symbol on its forehead. Unlike its Spirit counterpart and a certain majority of Nightmare Dream Eaters, its body is primarily light in coloration, sporting a large yellow body, an orange horn and orange drill spikes, and various shades of blue and red. It also has red eyes, a trait that it shares with the rest of the Nightmare Dream Eaters.

The second half of its name means "rhinoceros" (犀 sai?) in Japanese.

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