an espinas


18 ft.


1 ton.


poison spit,teeth,horn

Espinas is a wyvern. Espinas is physically similar to a Rathian , but along side scales their bodies are covered in hot pink spikes and rough green armor plating.

They are an entirely passive wyvern when not enraged, not attacking hunters and relying on its thick, near impenetrable shell for protection. However, once enraged, a soft pink color passes through its body and it becomes very aggressive. This increase in aggression is balanced by a new weakness - when enraged, the Espinas is much more vulnerable to attacks. They can quickly spit purple globs of poison at a hunter, and charge similarly to a Basarios or Monoblos , ramming enemies with its horn.

There are two Espinas subspecies; the Orange Espina , and white espinas .

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