FI-03 neptune
Fi-03 neptune
an FI-03 neptune


20 ft.


2 tons.



 The FI-03 Neptune series of B.O.W.s were mutated great white sharks, created specifically to test the effects of the experimental T-Virus on sea creatures.

During the viral outbreak in the Arklay Laboratory, a mother Neptune and her spawn were inadvertently released from their water tanks by a scientist, who had suddenly "gone mad" and destroyed the tanks, badly flooding the entire Aqua Ring. These sharks would soon die after the water was drained out of the tank.

Two Neptunes were encountered swimming in the Circular River bordering the Raccoon University; precisely where they came from is unknown, though these two were almost certainly killed when Raccoon City was destroyed. It is unknown if any more were in the river, or that could have managed to get outside the quarantine zone. Unlike normal great white sharks, which cannot live in fresh water, these Neptunes were apparently able to tolerate it due to their T-Viral mutations.

The Umbrella researchers were disappointed with the creation of Neptune. The T-Virus did not significantly improve the already impressive strength of normal great white sharks, and they were still helpless out of the water.

Despite these setbacks however, Umbrella seemed to have allowed re-development of the series in the early 21st Century, with the Umbrella Caucasus Research Facility having at least 3 in 2003.

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