a farfarello


6 ft.


220 lbs.



Farfarello were developed by the terrorist group Il Veltro by administering the t-Abyss virus to regular Hunters .

As a result of being administered the t-Abyss virus, the Farfarello came to have aquatic characteristics, such as the ability to mimic their surroundings and become transparent similar to a group of aquatic organisms. However, because they were exposed to multiple viruses (t-Virus and t-Abyss), it is believed that they became so aggressive that they were even more difficult to control than a regular Hunter.

They are stronger than regular Hunters and slightly larger. They can be rendered visible by scanning them with the Genesis or inflicting heavy damage. Their locations can also be compromised by a weapon's laser sight as the laser's point will become rounded when one has been moved over. Their footsteps kick up snow, which can also denote their position.

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