a feeder


6 ft.


110 lbs.



The Feeder is a Necromorph form encountered on Tau Volantis. They are formed from humans that ingest Necromorph-infected meat.The Feeder is extremely skinny and its torso is grotesquely emaciated, with its bones and skeletal system clearly visible. This allows them to have increased agility and lets them jump from various platforms and move quickly. A majority of the Feeder's head reveals the skull of the human host as all cartilage, flesh and skin has been removed while its jaw stretches out from its mouth, becoming wide enough to fit a human’s head. The Feeder's hands have been distorted into bloody talons used for hacking and slashing their victim. Its mouth has a hidden array of teeth made from their jaw bones.

The process at which a human being turns into a Feeder is a somewhat slow but steady one. When human beings ingest Necromorph flesh, the transformation begins slowly from the digestion, assumingly without the afflicted human noticing. The human becomes more ravenous in search of food, eating anything it can get its hands on, while still retaining a high level of mental capability, being able to speak and communicate normally. It will resort to eating anything it can find, even other humans. Eventually the Necromorph transformation will convert the host, and they will develop into monstrosities much like their brethren.Feeders were previously humans who resorted to consuming Necromorph flesh due to lack of food. Slowly, their bodies were corrupted and adapted to the low light conditions rendering them near blindness, however, with an acute sense of hearing. Since they are Necromorphs, the victims presumably die after eating the infected flesh, with the mutations following afterwards. They have heightened auditory sense, relying on sound to navigate its surroundings and locate its prey.Their visual sense is slightly impaired as a result; while they are incapable of seeing their surroundings with clarity, a glimpse of light will attract their attention. When startled by either light or sound, Feeders will attack aggressively in waves.

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