fin fatale
Fin fatale
a fin fatale


4 ft.


130 lbs.



The Fin Fatale is a piranha-like Dream Eater . As a Nightmare, it has a grey face and jaw, red eyes, and a dark pink mouth filled with many sharp teeth. The Nightmare Dream Eater symbol is located between its eyes, and on both sides of its jaw are purple spiral-like formations. It has two small, off-white horns jutting out under its jaw, and a large horn in the center of its forehead. Its body is primarily a maroon color, with four blue spots running along each side. Along its back is a fin consisting of four more horns with orange and purple ridges between them. Its front fins flow from dark blue to red to orange, and it has two smaller black and purple fins towards the back. Its large, blade-like tail fin has dark purple, light blue, and pale yellow stripes.

As a Spirit, it has a green face and jaw and eyes, that change color depending on its disposition. The Spirit symbol is located between its eyes and on both sides of its jaw are green spiral-like formations. Its body is blue, but the top-half can change color using Paint Guns, and four orange spots run along each side. It has blue fins and a tail with blue, green, purple, red and orange stripes.

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