a floater


3 ft.


200 lbs.


plasma rifles, grenades

Floaters are monstrous cyborgs powered by a pair of twin back-mounted jets, which give them the ability to hover. This also allows Floaters to fly into the sky and land behind human soldiers' lines. Autopsies performed on Floaters hints that they may be the invaders' incomplete cybernetic and genetic experiments. They have received extensive mechanical implants, including ones that replace the internal organs. Due to its modifications, there is no distinguishing line between mechanical and biological to describe the Floater. 

Floaters possess a weakness to psionic attacks, making psychic opponents such as Sectoids and Etherials a massive threat to these creatures. However, because of their flight, they are able to easily evade close-combat specialists. They are usually armed with a light plasma rifle, although the elites, commonly referred to as Heavy Floaters, are armed with a plasma rifle and a set of alien grenades.

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