a flood


3 ft.


40 lbs.



A Flood is a sleek, humanoid creature with blue skin. Its arms and legs end in points and have no distinct digits. It has a triangular head with two long, jagged, lightning bolt-shaped antennae reminiscent of the Unversed symbol. Its red eyes are set in an angry expression and it moves in a jerking, twitchy motion. While most Floods are roughly the size of a Shadow Heartless , some in the Keyblade Graveyard are shown to be quite large. It is the only generic Unversed that does not have an Unversed emblem on its body.Like all Unversed, the Flood is created from a negative emotion; the Flood is a monument to the sin of "irritation".One interesting feature of Flood is the manner in which they emulate both Shadows, the basic form of Heartless, and Dusks , which are the basic form of Nobodies . Like Shadows, Floods are able to sink flat to the ground and become temporarily invincible, and like Dusks they enter the battlefield with a contorting, stretching entrance.

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