a fortuneteller


5 ft.


140 lbs.


ice crystals,crystal ball

A Fortuneteller has a somewhat feminine body structure, and dresses in loose, flowing clothing. It has dark purple skin, circular, yellow eyes, thin arms, and large, four-fingered hands. Its face is almost entirely covered by a large headdress that is lavender with red-violet inner lining, a curled tip at its top, and a Heartless symbol on the section covering the creature's forehead.

It also wears a navy blue tank top, baggy, purple and lavender pants, and a violet cloth around its waist, all of which have pale yellow lining. The Fortuneteller also sports a pale yellow wristband on each of its wrists, a small ring of the same color on each of its index fingers, and violet and pale yellow high-heeled shoes. The Heartless always balances on a sparkling crystal ball.

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