garara ajara
Garara ajara
a garara ajara


17 ft.


1 ton.


poison fangs,tail plates,body

Garara Ajara is a large Snake Wyvern with bright green skin adorned with large orangish-yellow plates on its back and tail. It has a long serpentine body with small though fully functional fore and hindlimbs that aid it in moving around on uneven ground. Garara Ajara also has a large beak-like structure similar to that of a parrot, along with a small pair of tusks.Garara Ajara is capable of burrowing underground and attacking unsuspecting enemies or prey from below. Its fangs can deliver a potent paralyzing venom in order to subdue its opponents if they were to attempt escape from its circling trap attack. The tail plates can be flung at enemies to create a deafening noise, and they can be made to shatter into many pieces through powerful vibrations generated by the plating around Garara Ajara's body.These shards will always stun a target unless they are well armored.It may also constrict its target with its long and large body.It is an aggressive ambush predator that will strike when prey is in reach. Garara Ajara will also utilize the misty fog in its environment to launch ambush attacks on unsuspecting hunters or prey.

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