gargoyle knight
Gargoyle knight
a gargoyle knight


6 ft.


130 lbs.



It hides among regular gargoyle statues, and appears suddenly to attack. It attacks by slashing its sword. It has no legs, is dark blue black in color, horned, and possesses bat-like wings. Slow as they are, Gargoyle Knights are immune to magic spells. They can also fly and swoop down blade-first, making them all the more dangerous.

A Gargoyle Knight is a statue with a tall, rectangular pedestal colored in various shades of grey. It has four steel grey spikes in its base. The actual statue is the upper body of a thin, muscular gargoyle with steel blue skin and wings of the same color. Each of its hands has four clawed fingers, and it wears a grey armlet with silver spikes on its upper left arm.

The Gargoyle's head is roughly triangular in shape and sports large, angular horns that curve inward. Its face is black and it has small, yellow eyes. It also wields a grey sword with a diamond-shaped guard and a spiked pommel.

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