a giadrome


6 ft


130 lbs


claws,teeth,ice spit

The Giadrome is a species of Raptor in the Bird Wyvern family. It inhabits the Snowy Mountains and are the alpha male leaders of the Giaprey . Larger in size, and with a more prominent crest, they are perfectly suited for the position of leader. Not only does it sport a higher attack and defense, it also has an upgraded "snow spit" ability that makes a large amount of snow stick to a hunter, and thus slow him/her down (known as the snowman effect). This can be cured with a Thawing Agent. No other items may be used during the snowman effect

New hunters fight this monster early in their careers if they live in or near a snowy area. Giadromes can usually be found walking around the upper edges of the Snowy Mountains, along with its pack of Giaprey. Like all raptors, the Giadrome is evasive and leaps about a lot to dart away and on top of its prey

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