giant moth
Giant moth
a giant moth


10 ft.


100 lbs.


poison spit

 The Giant Moth was the result of a gypsy moth used for experimentation by Umbrella, becoming infected with the t-virus through secondary transmission.

Escaping their test chambers in the research facility underneath Raccoon City these creatures made the complex their home. They made a nest in the B5F computer room, where they would bring in people captured from elsewhere around the complex, particularly the main shaft.

One of these creatures were killed on 30 September 1998 as survivors Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield moved into the facility searching for safe passage out of the city.

The research into moth-based B.O.W.s was a failure in this experiment. Mutating to a larger size did not keep them in proportion, making their wings almost useless. However they did also developed the ability to spit poison on prey as a means of compensating for their flight problems.

The Giant Moths also produced larvae some 30 cm long.

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